Gone Shopping

Imagine Europe as your private design playground, with concierge service by a pair of world travelers - an antiques expert and an interior designer - who know how to have a good time and score a great deal. Enter Tour Decor, the ultimate market-scouting, castle-hunting, barn-foraging, warehouse-sourcing buying trip for fine unique European furnishings, led by Lea Barfield of Palm Beach, F.L., and Margaret Chambers of Dallas. The two, along with Trevor Ede, Chambers Interiors' Marketing Director, curate private wholesale buying trips for clients. “They want to buy things that give their house a soul, instead of furnishing them new from a store,” Chambers explains.

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The trips, which offer destinations such as England, Belgium, Paris, Italy and Scandinavia, last 10 days to two weeks and require a minimum of $100,000 in purchases. Tour Decor offers end-to-end white glove service. Once an itinerary is designed, Chambers and Barfield accompany the client on the buying trip and, afterwards, arrange with their contacts to pack, ship and install the items. And if the shoppers just happen to find a Chanel or Dior handbag while on a detour to a vintage boutique, there’s plenty of room in the shipping container. 214.651.7665, tour-decor.com -Connie Dufner

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