treasure hunting



That idyllic combination of antique tables, chairs, pedigreed chandeliers, mirrors and desirable architectural pieces may await you in Paris, Brussels or a village near Stockholm. But how can you find your designing heart’s desire in such places? With expert guidance, of course, which is the genius of Tour Decor.

An extension of Dallas-based Chambers Interiors & Associates, the personalized European buying trip service takes private clients to find the very furnishings they need to complete a new or renovated home project. Interior Designer Margaret Chambers partners with Lea Barfield, who studied at the decorative arts program at Christie’s in London, to travel with you on a fortnight’s treasure hunt. The two work with you to assess your design style, your home’s requirements and customize the search. 

Lodging, if not in a carefully scouted hotel, may be in a private apartment, where Tour Decor arranges dinner parties with a private chef, or even at an estate or chateau — the latter often with historic furnishings available for purchase.

Such an experience is an investment, with a required minimum purchase of $100,000 in goods; airfare, lodging and dining are extra. The bonus comes in seeing Europe with an intimate perspective not found on the usual holiday. As Marketing Director Trevor Ede says, “You’re not just coming back with beautiful furniture; you’re learning the history behind each piece to give context to the dwelling you’re creating – and you’re enjoying an experience with unmatched authenticity.” For details, call 214-438-4774 or visit - June Naylor